Freight Broker License Registration / US DOT Number Application

Commonly referred to as the Freight Broker Authority and/or MC Number

Filing Fee: $450

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has recently changed the licensing process for freight brokers, motor carriers, and freight forwarders. All new applicants will be subject to this updated process. To become approved by the FMCSA to operate as a freight broker within the United States, you must now complete the Freight Broker Registration Application process and obtain an active US DOT Number. As a freight broker, in order for the FMCSA to activate the US DOT Number, assigned to you upon submitting your Freight Broker Registration, the FMCSA will also require:

  • Designation of Process Agent – Proof of a BOC-3 Form
  • Proof of Financial Responsibility - Either a BMC-84 Surety Bond in the amount of $75,000, or a BMC-85 Trust Fund in the amount of $75,000. See our Industry Links page for bonding company and trust fund company options.

The FMCSA approval process can take several days to several weeks before your US DOT Number will be activated.

Worried about navigating the freight broker legal filings process with the FMCSA? Let one of our filings specialists take of this for you. As the applicant’s representative, we can file your Freight Broker Registration and work with the FMCSA on your behalf during the approval process. To have your Freight Broker Registration Application filed by us on your behalf, fill out the form below and submit it for processing. Once your completed form and payment is received, a filings specialist will contact you within 24 hours during regular office hours of Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Need assistance with filing an FMCSA registration or authority update – name change and/or address change?

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Sorry!  Our filings specialists are currently filing FMCSA Broker Registration applications for our broker course graduates only.