Graduate Testimonials

Freight Broker and Freight Agent Training Courses

In-Classroom Course Graduates

A truly awesome experience. DeWayne’s teaching method combined with his experience in the business is an awesome thing for any person looking to start out. As a broker, or in any business, this course has truly opened my eyes to what I am now capable of becoming.

Stephen P. Dallas, TX

Even after 23 years in the transportation industry, I still learned plenty. Rafael is very concerned about the student’s understanding and learning.

Dennis B. San Jose, CA

I want to thank you for providing an excellent training class this past weekend. It was a lot of information to give us in such a short amount of time, and I was impressed how organized you were and provided a relaxed atmosphere for instruction.

Louis B., Atlanta

It was very informative. I not only learned how to run my business life, but also how to straighten out and run my personal life. It was an enlightening experience and I’m glad I was a part of it.

N. Hampton, Atlanta

The instructor was knowledgeable, thorough, and fair. He covered all facets of the transport business in an interesting, humorous way. The facility was clean and comfortable and the training materials were excellent. I’m delighted with the opportunity this training affords me. I highly recommend this training to all others who are interested in this field.

P. Cooper, Atlanta

The class was energetic and informative. The information was such that it allowed me to make an informed decision on how to function in the industry. We were given the truth about what we will be facing/dealing with out there.

D. Peterson

After 18 years in the trucking industry, I have thought about becoming a freight broker for several years. Without the knowledge that I received in DeWayne’s class at FMS, I would have failed. I am very glad I took the course. Now I feel I will accomplish my goal.

Paula H.

The class is extremely informative. I’ve learned more of how to run a business than in Cal State University. I liked that the instructor doesn’t hide anything. He says it like it is. Also, that he gave us book recommendations to stay motivated. I’m very satisfied, this class is worth $3,000.00.

Priscilla U.

I am glad I got the chance to meet some knowledgeable people in this class, and I will refer any and everyone that is interested in brokering to this class and instructors.

James S.

Well worth the money! I am very educated in the transportation industry and I still learned so much. The instructors are great people and excellent teachers. I would definitely recommend this class to someone interested in the field. Thank you for continuing my education.

J. Lynch

I just wanted to tell you what a great experience it was at FMS Broker’s School. I enjoyed it very much and am the wiser now because of it. Elliott (Dugger) is a superb teacher; a loss for the educational arena but terrific for Corporate America. I wish you all the best and thank you for the best training I have ever received!!

Barbara H.

I Just Wanted to say Thank You again for all your help...Elliott (Dugger) and DeWayne (Gilbreath) were absolutely wonderful... I've been in trucking 20+ years and I still can't believe how much I learned in your class.

Louis W.

The reality of the logistics business has set in ! I have set up my office, prepared my business plan, established a target area for shippers and practiced my dialog. Next week I start my search for shippers. I have used the information I learned in class to increase our revenue in the trucking business. Your class has given me the edge needed to work with the brokers. I can't say enough good things about your school. I was concerned that once I left the classroom I would be lost. We had a trip to Vegas planned, I couldn't wait to get home to practice the things I had learned. I refer back to the material and I am refreshed. You have a natural gift for teaching. I should have had you in high school! I like the fact you have an appreciation for the dollar. It was nice to start class in a timely manner, with little waste if time. I also appreciate the tips for free and cost effective business tools. I know you have spent a great deal of time locating these tools. If you would like to use me as a reference I am available. Thanks again for the education. We all know knowledge is POWER.

Janie S.

Previous to attending the course I must admit I was a bit skeptical. Was this a scam, will I learn anything, is this just another course where you walk away with nothing? I have to say that after attending it, the course was worth the money I invested. DeWayne was impressive, and I must admit at times comical, and very informative with the aspects of brokering. The impressive part to myself was how he instructed the start up, as we do not have a lot of funds available at this time due to my disability. Again I must say I am thankful after 30 years in trucking, I have found a new niche for myself.

R. Polmon

DeWayne is extremely knowledgeable in freight brokering.  His great communication skills allow him to explain the subject in a simple way, which made me very comfortable and confident about the topic.  He enormously great patience.   I truly enjoyed the class and feel that I'm equipped to move forward.

T. Allen

DeWayne was very knowledgeable about all of the materials and tools that were given to us this week.  I was very satisfied with his way of teaching.  I will recommend Freight Movers School to any other coworkers, friends, family, or anyone who asks!  I know with the training that I've received I will be successful in my business.  Thanks Mr. Gilbreath!

Janet C.

Online Course Graduates

I have not worked in the transportation industry before, but I found this class to be very informative. I have a father that has worked as a truck driver, and a dispatcher for several companies though out his years. And, my husband is currently a truck driver. He has been driving for many, many years. He tells me he has worked with load planners and brokers all the time.

I like the way the course was laid out in terms of what it will take as a whole to be a successful broker. The terminology was explained, and I appreciate that I have a book, plus the appendix to fall back on if I cannot remember something. I also like the thought that I can contact the school if I need additional help in understanding a step, or if I am in a situation that needs clarification.

Overall, I am highly satisfied with the course, and have also recommended it to others. I am extremely excited to get started in freight brokering, and truly understand that what I put in is what I will get out. I want to keep moving forward toward my future in this industry.

H. Ware

I have been in the transportation industry for 30 years, from working the dock to frontline supervisor. Some of the information given was already learned, but the material I didn't know was presented in a form that was easily comprehensible. Qualifying shippers and carriers, learning the proper procedures of negotiating prices for a load, and the legal aspects of setting up your own business is valuable information. This information will benefit me as i pursue a career in being an agent for a broker and then as a broker myself.

D. Newhouse

The course was very hands-on. The instructor was very engaging during her lectures and I was able to connect very well with her teachings. This course is by far has been the most organized/hands-on classes that I have ever taken online.

T. Davis

The course provided step by step information and directions on how to be successful in this business. The program included sites to help make it easier and faster to obtain information.

L. Steiner

I don't know how I would go on to pursue a career in freight without having this knowledge. Thank you.

N. Brown

The course was very detailed . I really enjoyed the course . I learned about how to be successful freight broker or agent and now its up to me. I am very happy that I made the decision to go to this school.

B. Woods

This course was very informative. I also like that continuous support is available after completion of the course.

K. Pitts

I cannot say enough about this program! I am just so excited to get started, due to the fact this course has taught me enough that I am confident about the opportunities that lie ahead!! Thank you!

L. Molina

This course was very detailed and informative. Along with the knowledge, you were given suggestions of good and affordable services to use as a new freight broker. They give you a lot of resources to read and, ultimately, if you don't do well it won't be because the information wasn't given to you. It'll be because you didn't apply yourself.

D. Coleman

I really appreciate how Crystal made sure to break down each PowerPoint so they were very easy to understand.  I really enjoyed taking this course.  I feel confident that with the resources I was given I will be a successful freight broker or agent.

S. Jackson

The instructor was very clear, and very prompt on the lessons. It was very useful information, and easy to understand. I felt like learned a lot and I am ready to take steps forward in the freight brokering industry.

J. Johnson

This is an excellent course to take. It is very informative. And, it has provided me with the foundation that I will need to make further advancement in basic freight broker coursework. It is the BEST sales course that I have ever taken.

Dr. S. Ortiz PhD.

It was perfect!

T. Washington

I only have praise for this course. It was great! I felt like the teacher was right in the room with me the whole time.

L. Logan

This course was very informative. Both Crystal and DeWayne did an excellent job of explaining and role playing. I am going to recommend this school to my friends and family.

Thanks very much guys!

S. Fermin

I like the honesty that the instructors gave about the business. They used real life examples and really talked about the difficulties that sales present and also about the importance. They gave good references and the assignments were well explained. 

I. Bryant