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Freight Broker Training - How to Become A Freight Broker 

What Is A Freight Broker?what is a freight broker

Often times, if a person isn't already involved in the transportation industry, the first question that comes to mind regarding freight brokers is: what is a freight broker?  A freight broker is a middleman working with the shippers/manufacturers needing to move their products and the carriers/trucks authorized to take possession of and haul freight.  When a person decides they'd like to learn how to become a freight broker, they must consider not only the legal requirements of obtaining their freight broker license, but they must also learn how to perform the tasks required of a successful freight broker.

Why Choose Our Freight Broker School?

Freight Movers School, previously Transport Training of America, is one of the leading freight broker and freight agent training schools in the country.  If your goal is to learn how to become a freight broker or a freight agent, you are in the right place!  Freight Movers School has the experience, knowledge, and reputation that you should be looking for in any freight broker school.  We offer in-classroom freight broker training, as well as freight broker training online that can be completed from the comfort of your own home and on your schedule.  Upon completion of your freight broker training with Freight Movers School, you will know exactly how to become a freight broker or a freight broker agent!  
how to become a freight broker

Freight Movers School, LLC is an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, and is licensed by the Department of Education as a Post Secondary Private Vocational School, and is also a Corporate Sponsor of Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA).  Our freight broker license services, training courses, and materials are provided in association with major industry leaders such as,, Pacific Financial Associates, JW Surety Bonds, AscendTMS,, Ansonia Credit Data, XFactors Financial, and many more.  

There are several freight broker schools throughout the U.S.  However, before you attend ANY freight broker school or freight agent training you should become informed regarding the credentials, longevity, and reputation of the freight broker school you are considering.  Here's just a few of the questions that you should have clear answers to before purchasing or registering for freight broker training:  Who granted them the authority to teach or call themselves a school?  How long have they been in business?  What kind of freight broker experience does their instructor have?  What kind of teaching experience does their instructor have?  Are they accredited by the Better Business Bureau?  Do they offer support after your freight broker training is completed?  If you want to be a freight broker agent, do they offer placement assistance after completing their freight agent training?

Guaranteed Freight Agent Placement For Our Graduates

FMS not only provides it's students with the best freight broker training available, but this freight broker school is also freight agent trainingconcerned with the available opportunities for its' students after graduation.  The freight broker training taught by FMS will show you exactly what you need to do in order become a freight broker and obtain your freight broker license, as well as do the job on a daily basis.  Upon completion of any of our freight broker courses , you will be know how to become a freight broker, own your own business, and work independently.  However, for those students who would like to start out as a freight broker agent before becoming a freight broker, we are truly heads above the rest in helping to secure graduates a position as a freight agent in an affiliate brokerage firm.  Each year, numerous freight brokerages request to interview graduates of FMS for freight agent positions.  FMS has secured freight agent placement, allowing you to work from your own home, and we make it available to all of our graduates.

In-Classroom Freight Broker Training
freight broker training

For those students wanting an in-classroom training option that provides in-depth lecture, as well as hands-on exercises, our appropriately named In-Depth Freight Broker Training course will more than meet your needs.  The In-Depth Freight Broker Training class is approximately 32 clock hours of instruction taught over 4 days and utilizes instructor lecture and hands-on exercises to help students learn and retain the information.  And, for students wanting to get a better understanding of the freight broker sales process, we offer a "combination course" option to our in-classroom students.  Our Focus On Sales course is a one day class that can be taken in combination with the In-Depth Freight Broker Training course.  Click Here for more information regarding our in-classroom course.

Live Web Conference Freight Broker Training

FMS understands that some students aren't able to travel to one of our locations for in-classroom instruction, but they still want live interaction with their instructor.  In those situations our Quick Start Freight Broker Web Conference is a perfect option.  The web conference is a scheduled and live webinar lasting approximately 15 clock hours over 2 days and covers the same lecture topics as the In-Depth course.  Using web conference technology, students are able to interact with their instructor and the other students attending the course and students are able to see their instructor's computer screen from their own computer live.  As the instructor goes through the materials, uses the databases and tools, and moves through the course, the students will be watching it happen live.  
Click Here for more information regarding our live web conference course. 

Freight Broker Training Online 
 freight broker training online
If you prefer the option of at home learning, but your current schedule doesn't allow for you to attend a live course, the "Basics" Online Freight Broker Training course is a great option.  This freight broker training online course is a work at your own pace internet class that is essentially a recording of the Quick Start Web Conference class.  Students attending the "Basics" Online course get the same lecture, materials, and information as the Quick Start, but it is pre-recorded which allows the students to "attend" the class at their own convenience.
 Click Here for more information regarding our online course.  

Our Instructors
Our instructors have a combined experience of over 35 years in the Transportation Industry and hold at least Bachelor’sfreight broker school degrees with extensive classroom teaching experience.   FMS requires its' instructors to be actively involved in brokering freight and to have experience teaching at licensed or accredited schools. 

Freight Movers School, LLC has freight broker training class locations in the Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX areas.  And, we strive to meet the needs of students who prefer to learn from home by ensuring that our online course content management systems are at the top of the online training technologies available.  Plus, we are also capable of coming to your business and providing customized, on site freight broker training and freight agent training.  Ask for details!

Other Freight Broker Services
 freight broker license
Along with the freight broker training, our freight broker school has available for purchase a few different downloadable training guides and
broker forms and contracts in edit format.  FMS also offers filing services for clients wanting a professional to help them secure their freight broker license, Unified Carrier Registrations, BOC-3 filings, and more.

Freight Broker Course Discounts & Funding Options

Freight Movers School is approved for many state Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Vocational Rehab programs to receive funding for qualified students.  We are also currently offering a special discount on our in-classroom broker & sales combination course for OOIDA members, Military members, and those who attend the course together as a group of 2 or more.

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